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What Is Adaptive Wakeboarding?

At Bayside Water Park, we want this amazing sport to be available for everyone! Adaptive wakeboarding is a modified version of wakeboarding designed to accommodate people with disabilities. It allows people with physical impairments or mobility limitations to participate in and enjoy the thrill of wakeboarding.

Adaptive wakeboarding provides an inclusive opportunity for individuals with disabilities to engage in an exciting and challenging water sport. It not only offers physical benefits but also promotes confidence, independence, and a sense of achievement for participants.

How It Works

In adaptive wakeboarding, specialised equipment and techniques are employed to adapt the sport to the individual's needs. Depending on the specific disability or impairment, various adaptations can be made. Some common adaptations include:​


A ‘sit seat’ wakeboard is designed for people who may have difficulty standing on a traditional wakeboard. It consists of a durable board with a comfortable, contoured seat and foot plate with foot and heel strap to secure the rider. The rider sits comfortably in the seat, allowing them to enjoy the thrill of wakeboarding!


Various kneeboards, wakeboards and ZUP boards are used. A ZUP board has a contoured, non-skid deck with foot straps, providing multiple riding positions for kneeling, lying down, standing, or even riding backwards. Riders can use it for kneeboarding, wakeboarding, or simply as a stable platform for cruising.


The speed of the cableway can be adjusted to suit the rider's abilities and preferences. Slower speeds can provide a more controlled and manageable experience for beginners or those with limited mobility. Just tell us how fast or slow you want to go, and we’ll make it just right so you can have the most fun!

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